What we provide ?

CloudZon is a leading provider of transcription management solutions and has been working as a division of Global MedData Inc for 12 years serving over 650 clients in USA and UK in Industry, commerce and healthcare.

CloudZon provides transcription management solutions with minimum start-up and ongoing maintenance costs. The transcription services offered by us start with your dictation, which is uploaded through our secure online server. Your files are then prepared by our team of professional transcribers at one of our global processing centres and transformed into a document of your chosen format and template specific to your needs.

Each file goes through quality assurance process before being re-uploaded via our secure online server for your personal use. Our unique system allows documents to be populated within your record system, and will also generate all reports for checking.

Our company is fully compliant with Data Protection Act and HIPAA

Multi-Stage Quality and Accuracy

We aim to provide documents that are a minimum of 98.5% accurate. Our quality assurance (QA) procedures are governed by the guidelines issued by the American Association of Medical Transcription (AAMT), working on a 3-tier quality process model.

And then we take this one step further, to ensure that you receive the best quality possible we have added an extra tier within our QA model, where between 30-100% of all files are checked by a dedicated team within UK/US to ensure that quality is maintained for an accuracy level of 99+%.

How much does it cost?

Research shows that savings of up to 40% can be achieved by using our services as compared with in house transcription.

Rates are based on line/character count method, i.e. 65 characters make a line . A character is defined as a letter, number, space, symbol and a function key. We can also charge by minutes or duration of dictation based on a lines per minute equivalence .You save because you only pay for what is actually typed with no initial cost and a non zero maintenance cost with Net Line 65 Keystroke’ principle.

Your priority is our priority-- depending on urgency, we provide a Turn-Around Time (TAT) of 6,12, 24 or 48 hours. Dictations, voice files or transcribed text files can be uploaded and downloaded anywhere with access to a web browser and internet. The files transcribed can be created in any format or document template specific to your needs.

Security and Data-Protection

Privacy— all communication with websites is performed over an encrypted channel using 128-bit SSL (Secured Socked Layer).
Firewall Protection— CISCO firewall is continuously configured with the latest updates to protect our internal network from intruders or hackers.
Daily Data Backup—Daily Tape back ups and monthly backup to DVD (securely stored off-site) are performed to protect against data loss.
Redundant Data Protection— we deploy state-of-the-art Hewlett-Packard Compaq servers with mirrored hard drives.
Latest Virus Protection—updated regularly. Staff Bound to Strict Confidentiality and Disclosure— All of our data processing staff members are bound to a chain of trust agreements and abide to strict confidentiality and non disclosure agreements.

Why choose us ?
  • Affordable Transcription. We are dedicated to quality @ Affordable price rates based on per line count method
  • Accurate Transcription Proven experience in maintaining a 99% accuracy for transcribed documents
  • Quality Specialist transcribers for with in-depth understanding of the relevant subject matter
  • Rush TAT Dependant on urgency, Turn-Around Time (TAT) is 12, 24 or 48 hours
  • On time Delivery Delivery commitment as per schedule & within budget every time.
  • Security-Privacy-Confidentiality We respect your privacy, confidentiality and security of data very seriously and abide by the DPA and HIPAA laws
  • Excellent Customer Service We offer great service that delivers the highest quality customer experience.

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