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At the point when an organization needs to build software for any reason, it should first figure out what programming language to utilize, which libraries to utilize, and tools to utilize. These choices profoundly affect how quickly the software can be manufactured and that it is so easy to maintain. Whether the purpose of software is for a product or service accessible from the web, the choice variables share a high level of overlapping.

CloudRock is an arena of services, organization GUI, and a structural framework that has officially done the configuration, development and quality assurance work so that software engineers might profit by it immediately. When building new applications, no need to be worried about the way that CloudRock has been built in Java. While there is an immediate Java API, there is additionally a far reaching REST API to utilize CloudRock profits by Java, VB.NET, PHP, C#.NET, Python, C++, Ruby, Node.js, or any language that can submit HTTP requests and responses.

It is a SaaS based various tenant frameworks that give answers for simplifying information transfers between owner and user which are permitted to get to the information by the proprietor itself.

This framework offers cloud administrations through which tenant can upload an application and can deny or allow other users to access the same. It doesn’t require the setup of an Application nor any specialized hardware to get to the Application until and unless uploaded application needs the same. The client can get to the Application through any web program (i.e. Web Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome and so on).

CloudRock platform features

CloudRock Platform contains set of benefits which can be utilized to allow or deny any user to perform a particular activity.

Modules for users on CloudRock platform:
  • Tenant management
  • Client/user management
  • Partner management
  • Folder management
  • Access control management
  • Association management
  • Application management
Benefits include:
  • Continuous correspondence between all subsystems utilizing a unified type of publication to each topic.
  • States between applications might be effortlessly shared and also maintained. Also, the state administration gives the capacity to effectively scope states by user, organization, tenant, or by the server.
  • Recently built applications will have the capacity to atomize their usefulness also with a specific goal to show their capacities as privileges.
  • It gives the way to control definitely who and where access will be conceded. Since organizations incorporate gadgets, it might be assembled to control accessibility quickly.
  • All administrations and services log to the same audit trail.

Services offered by Cloudrock are Back end processing design pattern, relational database, NoSQL database, NoSQL query processor and aggregator, service API layer, dashboard management, time, rule, user, device, organization, password, work flow, life cycle, API and roles management, reports, analytics, payment processing, social networking integration, notifications etc.

Steps for availing the services:
  • Requesting new account by clicking “Create new account” on the CloudRock home page.
  • Fill all the required fields for creating a new account and click submit button.
  • Verification mail will be sent to the email address where the user needs to click on that to receive a confirmation mail for the portal administrator to confirm the account name.
  • Once approved by administrator, user will get confirmation mail where the password can be set and can create an account by clicking on the link sent by the administrator.
  • When the account registration is completed the particular user gets certain roles like:
    1. Tenant administrator
    2. Partner administrator
    3. Tenant document manager
    4. Tenant report manager
    5. Selected application’s role
  • User can select own role and can assign partition the responsibilities to other users under Tenant.
  • Services can be availed.

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