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Software Development

CloudZon Software services will help you to create a robust, nimble and stable IT infrastructure for your business future. Our custom software is designed with detailed planning and research that is tailor-made and focused on each customer requirements and needs that fits with their evolving business. If you would like to have a custom designed product instead of ordinary cookie cutter solutions, CloudZon Software developers can support you to build a solution to achieve your company goals, execute corporate procedures and optimize internal communications.

About CloudZon

CloudZon is a comprehensive solutions company that offers Software Development, Systems Integration, Medical Transcription, Management Services and Solutions along with IT Infrastructure Management Services and technical support to customers worldwide. Our services are consistently executed with competence and excellence. We are comprised of highly experienced functional and technical professionals who provide first rate technology solutions to our valued customers.

We have deployed Enterprise Application and Cloud services for both small and large businesses, including well known hospitals in the USA and UK. We first pioneered our own SaaS platform before the words “Cloud” and “SaaS” became part of the business solutions vocabulary, and today we manage software on both proprietary Cloud as well as the Amazon Cloud.

We believe that Cloud computing servicesare the future of successful computing. Over the last decade, we have proudly developed, deployed and managed excellent cloud computing services and continue to stay on the forefront of global market demands.

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